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Aequitas Problem in Friesland

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1Aequitas Problem in Friesland Empty Aequitas Problem in Friesland on Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:54 am



As many should know by now that Aequitas had touch-down our land and invading us.
Their utmost threat player is 'strat', and he already stolen 3 cities from ROE and many other in VLK.
Actions need to be taken out ASAP.
Plans to bring them out need to be discussed and advised as soon so to drive them out of our state.
To say we are conquerors of Friesland we must protect ourselves from such invasion.
Each Alliance's representative leader, will discuss a plan to take them out.
Tuga and KhaiKhai of R.O.E, Ghostrydar of VLK and Warfreak of ADOBO will sit down and plan ahead.
Lets just hope we do this in time before matters gets out of hand.
Already many have panic from this situation.


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