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TBH Problem

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1TBH Problem Empty TBH Problem on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:26 am



As many should had realized by now,the leader of TBH(WMD) alliance,has already took 1st placing on the board. They have been climbing the board ever since mid July when they first start recognization. Their reputation on other servers especially on Server 1 has speak of how powerful they are and willingly to control the entire Evony states. Our best move is to avoid every possible contacts with the TBH alliance as much as possible. Just in case it would cause conflict with WMD. Its is not of our best intrest to go on-war with the most retaliated alliance as for now. They have more warriors then us and they are much more daring then any other. It is not of our cowardness to speak but our tactics to mind of. So just do as accord as for now. Until then,we shall await further plans to enroll ourselves in.


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