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Friesland Trio Brotherhood [F³]

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~ Friesland Trio Brotherhood ~

- Information -
Я.Ө.Σ (Resistance Of Evony), «VŁK» (aka Karnage) and ADOBO are part of the Friesland Trio Brotherhood.

We are a three major alliance based in Friesland come together to form a brotherhood to conquer our state as a single ruling-unit.

- Ground-Rules -

Our Ground-Rules are to inform each other about the latest updates at least once every week.
Also to plan for war-fares together and strike our enemies all at the same time.
Finally, to be loyal and understanding at the same time, as the foundation to a brotherhood is trust.

- Regulation -

Our Regulation is to share the same name-tag in our alliance name. [F³]

- Mission -

Our mission is to conquer our state; Friesland, together and govern it as we are kings of our land.

- Slogan -

Our slogan is "All For One,One For All".

- Motto -

If you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. We are in this together.


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~ We Are The Resistance ~

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