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Bounty on WRATH

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1Bounty on WRATH Empty Bounty on WRATH on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:33 am



Anyone interested in bounties ?

Rewards are set up.(From KhaiKhai)

Bring down SCHAM's main city (76,489) for a reward of 5 million gold.
If you can conquer it and turn it to NPC, there will be an extra 2.5 million gold.
Also try to eliminate the cluster there and more reward will be given.

His second city, a bounty of 2.5 million gold. Keep plundering him till he quits or what-so-ever.
Bring SCHAM down !

For Jarvis,
Bounty reward will be set up too, but depending how big of threat he is, 1 million gold for now.


Bounty on WRATH 1086620534_m1

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