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Alliance Diplomacy Status

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1Alliance Diplomacy Status Empty Alliance Diplomacy Status on Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:51 am



~ Alliance Diplomacy ~

This is the current standings of diplomacy hold-out as of: (4th August)
All listed are as according to default. Diplomacy may change due time.
Any enquirers can mail me by my in-game name.


Volturi, ROMAGNA, Fr!eNdLy, SPARTANS, CSA, ForSakN3, Alpha, ADOBO, SHADOWZ, Redwings,
TBH/KZAR, VLK(Karnage), EOF, TOR, KiwiNZ1, Tensa, Avengers, PortugaL, Khazad...


AoE/Wntd, ForSakeN, AoE/Htmn, GAMEOVER, TROJANS2, NMK, Blood...

ไทยแลนด์, Dragonia, TRASHERS, Aequitas, GAMEOVER, Norsemen, GRTHell, Phoenix,
Fusion, JA, AsOne, wrath, Elites, Kvan, fury...


Alliance Diplomacy Status 1086620534_m1

~ We Are The Resistance ~

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