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Alliance Internal Structure

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~ Alliance Internal Structure ~

- Leadership Group -

Leadership Group members are hold out positions in the alliance,therefore given access to alliance settings to invite/accept applications of any form, expell a member only with a proper reason/proposition, send out group mails, handle diplomatic terms, promote other members or lower, ect.

Host: KhaiKhai (Internal/External Events)
*Host must be available ALL the time if possible as to oversee matters in the alliance at hand.
*All Members/Generals and Leaderships must respect Host's decision and not question but reason with him.
*Host it utmost important to maintain standards as role model so all will respect and look up to him.

Vice-Host: Enchik (Diplomacy and Promotions)
Vice-Host: Zeno (Forum Management and Internal Security)
*Vice-Host plays another important role in assisting the Host, whenever seems possible.
*Also must be available whenever the Host is not around to settle things.
*Individual task will be given to oversee matters and be responsible for.
*Must constantly update the Host at any given time and not assume own self decisions.
*Vice-Host must be respected by all Members/Generals and Leaderships.
*Vice-Host is utmost important to maintain standards as role model so all will respect and look up to him.

Presbyter: Vorg (Recruitment/Forum Instructor)
Presbyter: Boiipunk (Communications Instructor)
Presbyter: Gargamel (Coordinator Instructor)
Presbyter: Blackblade (Internal Security Instructor)
Presbyter: AmyCasper (Administration Instructor)

Officer: ROCK (Recruitment Officer)
Officer: AhMaDA7X (Communications Officer)
Officer: Samus (Security Officer)
Officer: Chencholot (Security Officer)
Officer: AJ39 (Security Officer)
Officer: LordWING (Officer in Training)
Officer: Asoka (Officer in Training)
Officer: Annelin (Officer in Training)

- Generals Group -

Generals are members considered as 'old-timers', whom has been with us for a long time or had displayed great amount of action in war-fare. Also all Generals are regarded as veterain players and higly loyal. As Generals they shoul sustain their recognisation and futher show their impressive conduct. They have gone through enough stability and impressed well to become Leaders of our alliance. They are the Generals of the Resistance.

All the names of members listed are recognised as Generals...

Generals: MrChia, andy07, Neo1511, ALWAN, godofmen, Russo, B13,
snooty, Nephentes, Dyter, Moravian, Intoko, WhatsUp, LordWING, Squirt2...

- Members -

Member of [R.O.E] are also known as the Resistance. All Resistance are expected to sustain their progress of prestige building, participate on war-fare programmes, help eachother out when needed, respect every individual be it friendlies or enemies, display sence of professionalism, try to understand the needs of the alliance, use only one multi-national language (English), be active in playing(minimum loggin atleast once every 3-days recomended) and just to have fun!
Everyone can be part of the Resistance if one can display good moral and attitude. Enthusiasm is a must. Communication is very important and to learn and undestand how the game works. Tho, inactives and those prestige are under yellow line would be sent a warning letter before expelltion. Those whom are expelled fear not, as we do welcome you back when there is slots. But you must first proove yourself worthy of us and we shall be glad to re-accept you in. However we do not tolerate traitors as one must say, once a trust is broken a second chance given may be the last. Apart from that, we the Resistance of Evony welcomes anyone/everyone that seems fit.


>Positions are NOT meant to be asked for but to be recognized by Leaderships.
>Positions are NOT based on Prestige nor Honor of individual Player.
>Positions are NOT given by any other ranks but Host himself.
>Positions may be requested friendly through mail but subjected to secondary admen.
>Positions may be adjusted at any point of time without prior notice.
>Those whom fail to call of duty will be Demoted.
>Those whom are recognized are to take step-by-step promotion starting with 'General'.
>Positions are not Permanent


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~ We Are The Resistance ~

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