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World 15

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My Introduction

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~ Bio Data ~

My name is Muhammad, I'm 19 years old.
Yes I'm asian. Race is Malay.
I live in Singapore; Bukit Batok area.
Work in a 7eleven shop under my block.
Creative minded and always seeking new adventures.

~ Brief History In-Game ~

I'm the host and founder of Resistance Of Evony.
I've been playing since late May 2009.
Started off with Server 1, then in World 1,
now active in World 15
I've grown to learn a lot in this game.
Spent hasty hours playing Evony.

~ Roles ~

Basically you all should know that I'm the Host of the alliance.
I'll be in charge of all Diplomatic Terms.
Also I'll oversea all Promotions.
And all Internal Events will be overlooked by me.
Lastly, I'm in charge of the Forum as well.

~ Game-Play Schedule ~

According to Server Time
Server 1 : 20:00hrs - 10:00hrs (3hrs max)
World 1: 20:00hrs - 10:00hrs (5hrs max)
World 15: 18:00hrs - 10:00hrs (MOST ACTIVE)
World 25: 20:00hrs - 10:00hrs (secondary active)


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~ We Are The Resistance ~

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